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Saturday, 31 May 2008


Guy Awford of Greenwich's finest restaurant 'Inside', is writing some recipes to use with our Herbie on the Sill herb garden!

We are all very excited at little green space.

We will be featuring them on our site very soon,
- so watch this space...

Friday, 30 May 2008

The Herbie Song!

Breaking News!

The wacky music production team, The Rotherhithe Project, are currently recording a new song called 'Herbie'.

It's a jazzy song with a dance remix and is all about how women just can't get enough of Herbie the herb garden in their kitchens.

We think Herbie is a dashing fellow and can totally understand why women go weak at the knees for him!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Paradise Gardens and New Garden Accessories

Thanks to all of you who came to visit our stall at Paradise Gardens. We only had a pitch for the Saturday and judging by the weather we chose the correct day to attend. The weather was perfect for it.

We also launched our new range of stylish garden accessories (V and A Products). The arty types amongst you will love them. They are based on products on sale at the Victoria and Albert Museum shop and are all in designs by William Morris. He of the arts and craft movement!

We've stocked up on watering cans, tool kits and much more. We're also knocked the prices down as a special introductory promotion.

We think that the watering cans are beautiful and could make lovely indoor or balcony planters. Why not grow some of our herbs in them?

Herbs for Park Lane Metropolitan Hotel

We've been venturing further West recently. We planted up a couple of huge tubs for the terraces at the Park Lane Metropolitan. Our favorite was the huge container with just rosemary growing in it. It looked stunning and smelt gorgeous! The mint one was also a winner...

Monday, 19 May 2008

Victoria Park Fayre - Bank Holiday

All at little green space are looking forward to seeing you at the Victoria Park Paradise Gardens Bank Holiday fayre!

We'll be there with some new surprise products including our new 'Optima' - our new deluxe top end pre-planted window box. This box contains some new more exotic and specialist plants and will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Please come and say hi if you are there and tell us how your boxes are getting on.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Herbie on the sill

Our cheeky little herb garden has caused a flurry of inquiries lately. We have had some cooks among you requesting specific herbs and so fat have met every request.

Herbie grows to become quite bushy in his container and likes to be trimmed frequently to make mouth watering dishes.

What a wonderful gift to bring the host of a summer barbecue! Just think of all the heads that will turn when you walk in with 'show off' Herbie. I've seen grown women go weak at the knees around him, cooing like he's a new born baby.

Pruning Tips

Remember to prune your plants to enjoy extra flowerings!

It’s not just trees and shrubs that need pruning: flowering perennials, annuals and bedding plants will make more flowers, better quality blooms or bushier plants with the odd nip and tuck. There are several easy, undemanding techniques that can be carried out while you are sipping your morning cappuccino on your balcony.

  • Remove spent flower spikes of lupins, delphiniums, verbascums and foxgloves to make a second flush of flowers.
  • Deadhead fading flowers of bedding plants, annuals and herbaceous perennials to stimulate new blooms and prevent plants from self-seeding.
  • While small, remove growing tips of some perennials and bedding plants to make bushier plants.
  • Some perennials benefit from being reduced by half in May to make more sturdy, compact plants.
  • Recycle the flower spikes, blooms and stems you remove by putting them on the compost heap.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

littlegreen progress

Here at LGS, we are extremely happy to be kept busy at the moment...
'Herby' is currently flying off the shelves (he is feeling quite smug about this). We are also working hard to expand our product line - the aim is to hand-pick a stylish and affordable range of products -the sort of things we would be proud to be using/displaying/giving as gifts. 
I have hopefully managed to locate a great range of watering cans I set my eye on at last year's Chelsea Flower Show. We will be delighted to be offering these to our customers soon.
Brackets and attachments continue to be a popular request - we should have these officially 'online' shortly. In the meantime, please continue to contact us directly and we will always try and accommodate you.
We are also in discussions to be appearing at a few very special local events. Watch this littlegreen space!

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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Little Green Space - Window Boxes Reduced!

We have slashed the price of Sunny Bloombox (40cm) to £14.99 for a limited period only. Hurry!

Visit now!

Eastenders and Window Boxes

Eastenders tonight! It's like a mirror to our world - or not, thank god... Well all the talk on the square tonight is of the window box competition. Never mind the murders, adultery and kidnap.

At little green space, however, we think we can do far better when it comes to container gardening, if only we could enter the competition.

We are sure that Dot Cotton would love a Herbie on the Sill (herb garden) to cheer up her cooking and her miserable life. And if Pauline Fowler was still around we could do wonders with her grey blanket of depression.

I must, however, point out that if Bianca's brood were to damage my window boxes like they did to that poor lady tonight, I would not merely just stand with my hands on my hips tutting. I would use carefully selected colourful language in a raised tone to express my disdain more constructively.