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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Standard Fuscias

Standard fuchsias can be quite expensive but they are quite easy to grow. Pot up a young plant and insert a bamboo cane that is the same length as you want the main stem to grow. Tie in the stem to the cane as it grows (use soft garden twine rather wire) and pinch out any shoots that grow away from the main stems. Once it reaches the height you want, pinch out the very tip of the shoot and wait for it to branch. When you have two shoots at the top, pinch them out again once they grow to about 10cm.

Keep repeating this until you 8 shoots, 16 shoots and so on to get a really bushy head, When you are satisfied, let the head grow out a bit. When it’s the right size, start pinching out the tips again to keep it under control and get progressively more flowers. By now, the main stem tied to the cane should be totally clean of shoots and leaves. As the summer progresses, it will become stronger and more woody.

Written By Alistair Ayres

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