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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Growing Annuals from Seed

Nothing beats growing a plant from seed, planting it out and seeing it flower. Watching a small piece of springtime emerge on your windowsill in it’s little pot will gladden the heart on rainy days, and you’ll be much more likely to care for it during the coming seasons.

It is good to remember that an annual plants whole purpose is to flower and set seed before winter comes, which is why we ‘deadhead’ and remove old flower heads, encouraging the plant to flower again and again.

I sow 2 or 3 seeds in little pots 4 inches high and 3 wide, using FRESH seed compost pressed firmly into the pot. Plant the seeds at twice the depth of the seeds diameter – for tiny seeds, sow on the surface and scatter a fine dust of compost over them. Then, place your pots in a tray and water the tray – not the pots. They will slowly absorb the water without disturbing the seeds.

Place the pots in a warm place, on a windowsill in the light, and don’t let them dry out!

Written By Tom O'Leary

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